Helping the people of Geelong reduce their impact and save on energy costs 

Use less and pay less with Choice Energy

Are you looking to reduce your carbon footprint through solar? 

Solar can be a viable way to not only reduce your impact on our planet - but with Australia experiencing the world's most expensive energy bills, you could save money too. 

As a member of the Geelong Chamber of Commerce, leading energy management consultancy Choice Energy, has recently helped businesses and residents in the Geelong region reduce their energy costs. And we can help you too!

If you're considering solar, we can provide a free solar feasibility report which includes: 

  • Reviewing your roof space and energy usage to determine if solar is feasible - including, what the projected savings would be.
  • Determining your eligibilty for state and federal funding to put towards the system installation costs.

How are we different to solar companies? As part of our high quality solar solution, we provide ongoing monitoring after the system has been installed. And in the unlikely event that your system isn't working as it should, we will be financially penalised, encouraging us to get the system back online as quick as possible. As an energy management consultancy, you also get an energy manager for life, which means following installation, we can help to reduce your energy expenses in other ways too. 

Not sure you are on a good energy rate? Gain a free energy assessment of your energy bills, which includes:  

  • An assessment of your energy bills to identify projected savings.
  • Our energy experts can go out to our network of up to thirteen retailers to see if we can find you a better energy deal - If you aren't better off, then we won't recommend you change energy companies.

How Choice Energy has helped Geelong businesses:

Polley Timber

The customer:  

Polley Timer is family owned and operated timber business. They operate out of a 4,500 square metre facility in Breakwater.

How Choice Energy helped:  

Polley Timber enlisted Choice Energy to provide a turnkey solar solution to offset rising electricity costs and carbon emissions.  


  • Installation of a 10kW solar system
  • The system will offset carbon produced by 239 new trees
  • The install will offset close to 70% of Polley Timber's peak energy useage Goverenment subsidy of $7,000.

MB Pre Fab

The customer:  

M.B. Pre-Fab Framing is a multi-award winning roof truss and wall framing manufacturer providing quality timber roof trusses, wall frames and longreach floor trusses for commercial builders, home builders and owner builders. 

How Choice Energy helped:  

Choice Energy helped M.B. Pre-Fab reduce its peak demand with a 40kW turnkey solar system. This provided savings in excess of $12,000 per year.  


Realising that the Victorian energy market was set to soar in the preparation for the Hazlewood Power Station closure, Choice Energy also secured M.B. Pre-Fab’s electricity rates when wholesale markets where at $45 a tonne - the rate since peaked at nearly $100, and is now sitting in the 90s. This alone netted MB Pre-Fab close to a 100% saving on its peak energy rates. 

Why Choice Energy? 

Choice Energy is a leading end-to-end Energy Management consultancy founded and headquartered in Melbourne with more than 7,500 customers nationwide. Australian owned and operated, we take a holistic approach to Energy Management by providing a number of core solutions to help better manage demand for energy and reduce energy costs. Explore our solar case studies.